Nicole Ishtara Katz

~Sacred Pleasure - Uniting the Heart & Womb~


Nicole Ishtara Katz is an international womb shaman, a psychospiritual art therapist, and feminine embodied opulence mentor. She is the founder of Womb Bliss and co-founder of EmRahMa Mystery College, Womb Universities that facilitate psychospiritual shamanic advanced training courses, sacred vision quests, ceremonies, and mentorship programs, online and worldwide.

Specialized in womb consciousness and the mystical feminine healing arts, her methods are holistically rooted in ancestral wisdom/reverence and two decades of studies, initiations, and alkemical embodiment. Ishtara weaves ceremonial mysticism with somatic visceral intelligence education to catalyze powerful transformations, transgenerational, feminine, and sexual healing,

Born in the syncretic and multicultural ground of Brazil, Ishtara lived and was initiated in seven countries, and pilgrim to many others. Now residing by the Red Sea with her beloved and her felines, she mystically lives her bliss weaving her medicine in devotional communion with Mater— Great Mother Birther in all her expressions.

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