Leyolah Antara

~Embodying Erotic Divinity - A Exploration of Divine Feminine Archetypes~


It is my greatest joy to support a women to shine brighter to unleash her from whatever is dimming down her light, keep her small, shut down and lead her to her source of power, where she can connect to her authentic voice, her deeper desires and create a life that she was born to live.

I am on a mission to inspire women to fearlessly express their authentic creative essence. I have found that the best way to re connect a woman back to her power and her passion is to lead her to the fountain of her sacred source of pleasure. To resurrect the power of Shakti within her womb, to teach her how to turn on her inner light and in that spark the her inner genius.

I am a long term teacher of Sacred Sexuality and Ecstatic Embodiment, an author, priestess of the Isis Magdalene lineage, creator of Kundalini Dance. I have trained many teachers in the Kundalini Dance practice, which is a white tantra practice and the work has spread all over the world. I am a the founder of the Tantric Rose Mystery School, dedicated to the empowerment of the sacred feminine.

Receiving teachings from the Isis lineage is a journey back into your sensuality, to embody your deep feminine soul. I have found after years of working with women to reclaim their sensuality and activate their Kundalini Shakti, ( creative life force energy) that we stir the creative fires of our soul. My Mystery School is dedicating to training woman in the Tantric Healing Arts and supporting women to listen to the voice of their souls.

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