Krishna Rose

~Sacred Womanhood, Mary Magdalene, and the Feminine Divine~


After a trip to India in 1993, Krishna Rose left a career in London, promoting Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, and many others, to change her life forever. A revered Saint, Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja, the famed Yuga-Acharya of India, directed her to write and perform spiritual songs in the poetic lyrical style of Wordsworth, Yeats, and Milton. She quickly set about developing a unique music style and began producing and recording, releasing four studio albums, the latest one, Woman in Red, an accompaniment to her award-winning debut historical novel: Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks.

Whilst living in India, Krishna Rose became aware of the unknown life of Jesus in Kashmir, and the idea for her book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks was born. She then spent twenty-five years studying obscure ancient texts and scriptures, visiting historical pilgrimage sites, fasting, and praying, before putting pen to paper. The author was determined to reveal and reflect the hidden life, times and teachings of the most famous influencers in history, Jesu and Mary Magdalene. Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks went on to win PenCraft Fiction Book of the Year 2020 and received critical aclaim from both readers and magazines around the world. Her works offer an authentic portrayal, recounting what happened next, after the crucifixion. Unravelling the naked-truth of history and religion, she became aware of a highly protected alternate story. Like a miner searching for jewels, she went on to decode the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, as well as evidence for what might be the most important breakthroughs in both our collective religious history, as well as our global spiritual understanding.

Her second book, Magdalene Speaks: The Secrets in the Mirror, is a spiritual self-help book to be published 2023.

Woman in Red - the music album - co-produced with Grammy award-winning music producer Craig Pruess - is tuned to 432Hz, a healing frequency. With the inspiration and guidance of Mary Magdalene, Krishna Rose created an extensive on-line course for just $5 - based on The Dance of The Seven Veils - an ancient rite of passage for people to transform themselves by overcoming the lower-nature. She believes that spiritual life should always be free, else it becomes a business.

Currently, she lives on a farm in North Florida, filling her days writing, praying, and teaching others the way... pouring Feminine wisdom and power into our collective consciousness. She has become the voice of Mary Magdalene, a daughter of the Divine Feminine, and spiritual guide for many.

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