Jennifer Ashira Ra

~Activate Your Golden Destiny + the New Golden Age on Earth~


Jennifer Activates Humanity's New Light Codes- she is a Divine Channel, High Priestess Initiator and Master New Age Leader.

She travels to sacred sites activating the New temples of light and Initiating the New Leaders of Light on Earth.

Her name means “Giver of Codes”.

She Embodies & Channels the Divine lineages of Isis, Magdalene, Avalon, Sekhmet, Rose Lineage, The Highest Golden Beings of SunTribe and All the Councils of Light.
The Sacred Feminine, Sacred Union. And The Divine Mystery Schools of the Ages.

High Priestess of the Temple of Isis,
High Priestess of Avalon,
High Priestess within the Temple of Lemuria and
Partner of RA.
Throne of the New Sun Queen of Earth
Rose Queen of Earth

Creatrix of the Online Global Community
Light Priestess Temple

Activating the Codes of Union throughout the Ages.
To now bring in the higher dimensions + the New Golden Age of Earth.

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