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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time, love, and energy for putting such a wonderful summit together and to all the beautiful guests who shared so much with us. I am deeply grateful to you for sharing so generously and lovingly.” - Christine K.

Dear Radiant Soul,

Are you ready to activate the next level of financial freedom and align your soul's calling with a thriving flow of prosperity and success? You know you were born to live in abundance and fulfillment, creating a valuable impact in the world by sharing your unique soul's medicine.

Perhaps you've already tried to unlock the secrets of wealth creation, but something has held you back. Maybe you've been unsure of how to align your soul's calling with a thriving abundance mindset... Perhaps you've received unexpected gifts of money but aren't sure how to keep that momentum going, or... Maybe you're feeling stuck in stepping into the next level of your entrepreneurial journey… 

You're not alone, Sister! These are the common challenges that many of us, as women, face on our journey toward financial empowerment. In truth, our relationship with wealth and abundance is one of the most profound and intricate aspects of our lives, where we often bear deep wounds and generational shame. The work we do around liberating ourselves is not serving just us, but it is our response and stand for the collective shift in wealth distribution where money serves as both a remedy and a resource for our expansion and the healing of the entire Mother Earth.

“Abundance is not something we acquire; it is something we tune into."
- Wayne Dyer

At this transformative summit, we'll come together as a community of empowered women to explore, share, and thrive. We'll delve into the wisdom of financial empowerment and the art of weaving abundance into our soul's purpose. Through guidance from 20+ seasoned experts, we'll discover how to unlock your fullest financial potential, break free from the barriers that have held you back, and step boldly into a life of luxury, pleasure, and wealth.

Join us on this sacred journey where we'll learn to harness our feminine power to manifest prosperity, find clarity on our soul's path, and embrace financial freedom with open hearts. Together, we'll create a life that not only fulfills your dreams but also radiates abundance and empowerment to those around you.

You are a beacon of light, and your journey towards wealth and purpose begins here! Welcome, dear Sisters, to a summit where your financial empowerment and soul's calling converge, illuminating a path to abundant ecstatic living.

IMAGINE YOU achieving financial freedom where you can pursue your dreams without the constraints of financial worry, creating a life of ecstatic joy and abundance.

IMAGINE YOU igniting your passion and purpose, serving from your highest soul alignment, and knowing that you are held and supported in your mission.

IMAGINE YOU empowering yourself and others, sharing the wisdom and knowledge you receive along your journey to wealth, and birthing a culture of abundance.

IMAGINE YOU leaving a legacy of generational wealth, ensuring that your loved ones and future generations have the resources and opportunities to thrive.

IMAGINE YOU magnetizing endless opportunities, living each day in pleasure to welcome the wealth of possibilities that come your way, knowing that each one brings you closer to your dreams.

embracing abundance in all its forms, recognizing that wealth extends beyond just money, encompassing health, love, and happiness, and creating a life overflowing with riches.

“The summit was magical! I loved it! Thanks for covering a subject we all need to learn more about. It appeared at the perfect time, and I am so happy I said yes to this wonderful event” 
- Diane B.

This summit is for you if you are ready to:

Embark on a transformative journey towards your sacred wealth and abundance.
Take control of your financial destiny, unlock your full potential, and manifest your dreams with ease.
Learn how to magnetize your dream life through the power of your feminine magic and embodied pleasure.
Connect with a community of like-minded souls who share your passion for success and growth.
Gain actionable insights, strategies, and practical tools from seasoned experts who have achieved remarkable financial success.
Join us on this empowering journey to make your vision of a prosperous and fulfilling life a reality.

“The universe is full of abundance, and you are a part of it. Claim your share with gratitude." - Louise Hay

“What an amazing summit! The guidance provided has helped me realize that I am not alone… we are a huge collective movement. I thank everyone responsible for putting the work into this amazing event :)” - Jen R.

Our experts are featured at

Meet Your Experts:

Anna Kowalska

Tarek Bibi

Kimberly Sherry

Megan Camille

Robin Rivera

Sandra Fidelis

Gaby Kowalski

Rebecca Whitman

Abi Levine

Aleksei Kurashenko

Deborah Fryer, PhD

Avery Lane

Colleen Lindberg

Heather Picken

Gabrielle Spencer

Barbara Santen

Lorna Sherland

Sydney Campos

Catarina Bertling

Makhosi Nejeser

Yerlin Ramirez

Olya Shapiro

Solay Rad

I am ready to receive my miracles!

Our experts will share:

Key Secrets to Unlock Your Prosperity Codes:
• "Become a Money Magnet Journal" by Abi Levin
• "Money Manifesting Mini-Course" by Kimberly Sherry
Ways to Monetize Your Soul Purpose:
• "Activate Your Sacred Success" by Anna Kowalska
Mindset and Financial Wellbeing Practices:
• "Turn On Your Tap: Your Guide to Creating Effortless Flow and Abundance" by Deborah Fryer 
Feminine Magnetism and Magic Codes:
• "5-Day Fearless Confidence Challenge" by Heather Picken
Strategies to Grow and Glow in Your Business:
• "The 10K Month Blueprint" by Megan Camille
• "The Top 10 Financial Mistakes Even Savvy Female Entrepreneurs Make - And How To Avoid Them"by Catarina Bertling
Quantum Wealth Activations:
• "An Online Library of Wealth Trainings and Activations" by Gaby Kowalski
• “Clearing Money Blocks Meditation” by Colleen Lindberg

Don’t miss this FREE inspirational event that will forever transform your life!

“The transmissions with Olya crystallize vision and generate miraculous results in a very short time, with me not having to do much. I merely integrate that area into my practice, and it automatically begins to alchemize the results and illuminate the pathways!” ~ Serena, Facilitator and Peacebuilder.

“My soul is dancing around! It's like a constant celebration with this feeling, all the time. For the first time in my life, I am feeling that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I have wanted this my whole life! Now I have 9 new projects already booked. I am still in awe of that. There is so much happiness and joy.” ~ Carlie, Business Owner.

“Olya is a money lady. If you want to take your business to the next level and earn more money doing what you love, if you want to build your business fast, I highly recommend working with Olya. Initially, I had some doubts about the possibility of such instant results; however, I chose to be open to the possibility, and the results are amazing.” ~ Olivia, Coach & Healer.

Meet our host:

Olya Shekinah, ACC, CPA, is a High Priestess, Shakti Transmissions Guide, and Certified Leadership & Embodiment Coach. Olya is passionate about helping women reconnect with their bodies and feminine magic, cultivate depth and intimacy in their relationships, and create the next level of their soul aligned success.

As part of her mission to share the Divine Feminine codes, Olya co-founded the Temple of Ecstasy and has been facilitating sisterhood circles worldwide. At the heart of her teachings lies the temple healing arts, teaching women activate the fullness of their power and shamanic gifts by harnessing their own life force energy.

Before working with women, Olya spent a decade consulting for a range of corporate clients, including S&P 500 companies, wealth asset management funds, private equity firms, and technology startups. In her coaching practice, Olya seamlessly merges the realms of feminine mystery and business excellence, empowering women to achieve phenomenal results in all aspects of their lives.

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