Larry Michel

The three keys to compatibility for long-lasting relationships.

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Larry Michel

Olya Shapiro - Larry MichelAKA “The Love Shepherd”, Larry Michel is the founder of the Institute of Genetic Energetics and He is a Master ERP, Love Restoration Coach, Certified Tantric Practitioner, Speaker, Producer, Poet and author.

Larry is the steward for a revolutionary science, which unlocks the human codes to compatibility. He works with couples across the globe to bring love, compassion and courageous intimacy to the forefront of their experiences and has introduced a new and empowering reference to sexual intimacy and love that is revolutionary and evolutionary.

Larry is dedicated to creating possibility for all of us to live in courageous intimacy and in our full loving expression.

Personal Energetic Profile


Begin to LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE NOW with the awakenings in your FREE Personal Energetic Profile.

Discover today how less than a dozen genetic characteristics can free you from the shackles that bind you to the wounds from your past.


What are you telling yourself that does not support you?

What do you believe about yourself that limits your ability to connect, achieve and love?

Perhaps you feel like something inside you is broken because the life you want to live is not what you're living.

These are all stories. They are decisions you've made, either consciously or unconsciously, that are in the way of your happiness and prosperity.

All of our stories come from real life experiences. The challenge is our past experiences are not our present reality unless we choose to make them so.

And, the truth is the past is behind us. Only our stories bring the past into the present, or project the past into the future.

The absolute fastest way to free yourself from your past is to know what you are energetically and embrace your core being as the truly magnificent and miraculous gift of life which you are.

Bust the stories. Embrace yourself fully knowing you are not limited, damaged or broken and every relationship in your life can begin to flourish.

Find out how to release yourself now from the projections you have on the future which DO NOT support your success in love and life.

The time to live life fully is NOW

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