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“I am so grateful you created such a powerful experience and shared so much wisdom and juiciness. Your summit has been transforming my relationship to pleasure, my sexual and sensual essence, my relationship with my husband, and a lot more <3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE you so much, and thank you for what you are bringing to the world” ~ Areezoo M.

You’re already devoted to your healing and transformation journey, doing embodiment and womb activation practices, and basking in sacred temple codes…. You are a Goddess and a Queen!

And yet… your love life seems to be the only department where you still feel stuck…. Either dating the wrong type of guys, losing the spark and ability to grow in the existing partnership, or not knowing how to navigate complexity in relationships so it creates more richness and depth for you and your partner.

You are not alone, Sister! These are the common challenges we as women experience in our dating and love life. The truth is…. our intimate connections and romantic relationships are the most complex and challenging areas of our life where we hold our deepest pain and feel most vulnerable and fragile.

“Awakening into love is a lifelong path” - David Simon

At the same time, intimate partnership offers the possibility of deep contentment, nervous-system regulation, long-term happiness, off-the-charts passion and... the bliss of a fully surrendered and devoted heart. You hear the call and you know that you are on the edge of your biggest breakthrough, and your most expansive ECSTATIC UNION ever!

You are in a right place, Sister! We have invited over 20+ potent global experts on conscious dating, relationship and marriage counseling, tantra masters and sacred sexuality teachers to walk you through this journey, so you don’t have to waste your precious time in another misaligned relationship, or lose out on what could be a beautiful partnership.

IMAGINE YOU having the most loving ecstatic relationship that deeply nourish your heart and support your soul’s evolution journey

IMAGINE YOU feeling safe to melt and surrender into your belowed’s loving presence and strength

IMAGINE YOU feeling confident and open at your first date so you can share what is really important to you

IMAGINE YOU expanding your desire and capacity to feel pleasure and orgasmic bliss in your lovemaking

having the right tools to navigate difficult conversations so you can grow and evolve through them together

“The summit was magical! I loved it! Thanks for covering a subject we all need to learn more about. It appeared at the perfect time, and I am so happy I said yes to this wonderful event” ~ Diane B.

This summit is for you if you are ready to:

Unlock the power of attracting the right type of person who is in alignment with your highest soul expansion journey.
Inspire your man to awaken his sacred masculine and fuel existing relationship with more devotion, passion, and love.
Deepen intimacy with yourself, your body, your partner, and everyone you choose to open the portal of conscious relating.
Unveil the mystery of sacred tantric practices to spice up your love life and turn your love-making into a sacred multi-dimensional experience.
Create the most ecstatic connections and relationships you've always dreamed of.

“Let your teacher be love itself” - Rumi

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time, love, and energy for putting such a wonderful summit together and to all the beautiful guests who shared so much with us. I am deeply grateful to you for sharing so generously and lovingly.” ~ Christine K.

Our experts are featured at

Meet Your Experts

Dr. Rima Bonario

Om Rupani

Alison Armstrong

Trisha Croft

Allison Conte

Kalpana Raghuraman

Leyolah Antara

Emilia Eneva Nagy

Roy Biancalana

Ada Ure

Claudia Phillips

Robyn Smith

Kevin Anthony

Rev. Duann Kier

Heather Salmon

Sydney Campos

Marina Ejova Rex

Laurie Handlers

Aletheia Sophia

Liana Chaouli

Larry Michel

Love Gets to be easy

Our experts will share:

Key secrets to attract the Sacred Masculine
     • How to Pick the Right Guy Checklist ~ by Emilia Eneva Nagy
     • Attract your Soulmate Meditation ~ by Heather Salmon
     • The Relationship Fitness Self-Assessment Test ~ by Roy Biancalana
Ways to awaken your existing partnership into an Ecstatic Union
     • Feminine Communication E-book ~ by Claudia Phillips
     • Relationship Health Assessment ~ by Dr. Rima Bonario
Communication and conscious relationships tools
     • The Ultimate Communication Checklist ~ by Robyn Smith
     • Boundaries Queen Assessment ~ by Marina Ejova Rex
Tantric activations and best intimacy practices
     • Online Library of BDSM Demos & Scenes ~ by Om Rupani
     • Goddess Isis Temple Initiation ~ by Trisha Croft
Dating strategies and marriage success tips
Roadmap to prepare and initiate yourself

Don’t miss this FREE inspirational event that will forever transform your love life!

“This was a timely summit showing women the art of embodiment that was not known or taught before. It allows women to get back to their bodies, love them, and gain lots of pleasure by being sensual awakened divine women. It was quite a revelation. I loved every minute of it.” ~Saroni H.

"Olya's women's work has allowed me to come back to my heart and my body and feel safe and comfortable in my own skin. My relationships with myself and my partner are now full of radiance, acceptance, and love." ~Julia S.

“What an amazing summit! The guidance provided has helped me realize that I am not alone... we are a huge collective movement. I thank everyone responsible for putting the work into this amazing event :)” ~Jen R.

Meet our host:

Olya Shekinah, ACC, Feminine Embodiment Coach

Olya Shekinah, is an ICF-Credentialed Leadership Coach, Divine Feminine Mentor, Multi-Dimensional Healer, and the Creatrix of Temples of Ecstacy. Olya’s work is devoted to supporting women in reconnecting with their feminine magic and embodiment, creating depth and intimacy in their relationships, and activating and monetizing their soul-purpose. She has been facilitating the Divine Feminine Circles all over the globe - from Europe, Canada, Central, and North America to India and Russia. Her clients appreciate her fierce stand for their full expression and unapologetic pursuit of everything they desire.

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