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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time, love, and energy, for putting such a wonderful summit together, and for all the beautiful guests who shared so much with us. I am deeply grateful to you for sharing so generously and lovingly.” - Christine K.

Hi Sister!

Are you tired of a never-ending grind, feeling empty, and living someone else’s life? You are climbing or have already hit all the metrics of what “success” should look like, and yet you are slowly dying inside… Every new accomplishment just gets you deeper into the performance-based self-worth loophole, and no matter how high you jump, it feels like you are never good enough… You are never good enough for the world, for your partner and family, and most importantly for yourself…

While deep inside, you know that there is another way… a way that nourishes your heart and fuels your soul… the way that honors your pace and your natural rhythms… the way that invites and holds all of you… and where you are enough just by being YOU! The way where receiving and sharing your magic is your biggest joy and contribution to this world!

The feminine births the New Earth through her energy, her body, and her knowing! This is your temple initiation into your unique feminine magic, activating your creative power within yourself, and learning to choose the most expansive and fulfilling timeline filled with joy, abundance, beauty, love, and whatever your heart most desires... You can have it all, Queen!

“Feminine wisdom is not learned; it is remembered. It is the ancient knowing that stirs within each woman, calling her back to her true self."
- Chameli Ardagh

You are on the right path, Sister! Welcome to the Ecstatic Woman - a temple of magic, mystery, lusciousness, wildness, and abundance. And let me tell you - YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON!

You are here to remember that you are powerful beyond measure and deserve anything your heart desires!
You are here to reconnect with your sensuality and sexuality so you can expand your capacity to hold more pleasure and orgasmic energy in your body.
You are here to unlock the full potential of your feminine magnetism and surrender into the most ecstatic and magnificent life for yourself.
You are here to receive sacred feminine code transmissions and learn ancient tantric temple practices of activating and directing your sacred life-force energy
You are here to receive what your soul came here to experience - your sacred success, radiant visibility, and infinite wealth!
You are here to claim that YOU are the biggest gift and contribution to the world just by being YOU!

“The summit was magical! I loved it! Thanks for covering a subject we all need to learn more about. It appeared at the perfect time, and I am so happy I said yes to this wonderful event” - Diane B.

We have invited the most potent and embodied feminine leaders who once walked in your shoes, not believing it was possible for them… who now live in full expression of their soul purpose, experience loving and fulfilling relationships, and embody sacred wisdom in their temple bodies. They are here to share their favorite tools and key secrets to support you in your homecoming and remembering journey.

Our first season was a huge success with an overflow of love letters and client transformation stories, and we are going even deeper into ecstatic embodiment and global unity upgrades for this round! It is going to be HOT! I wouldn't be sharing this gift if I didn't believe it was essential to my personal journey and the core of the medicine we've offered to thousands of women worldwide.

It is your time to shine, Sister! Place both of your hands on your womb space and listen... Can you hear her calling? It's your time to say YES to yourself and receive all the magic the Divine Mother has in store for you.

“The womb of the woman is the most sacred place on Earth." — African Proverb

This summit is for you if you are ready for MORE…

MORE pleasure and ecstasy in your body
MORE confidence and radical belief in yourself
MORE intimacy and depth in your relationships
MORE fulfillment and wealth in your soul service
MORE ease and joy in your creations

“What an amazing summit! The guidance provided has helped me realize that I am not alone… we are a huge collective movement. I thank everyone responsible for putting the work into this amazing event :)” - Jen R.

Our experts are featured at:

Meet Your Experts:

Heather Regal Salmon

Trisha Croft

Anahita Joon

Lainie Love Dalby

Tanya Lynn

Emmi Mutale

Leyolah Antara

Jonita D'Souza


Jaitara Jayde

Jacqueline Hyacinth

Rima Bonario

Claudia Phillips

Adaure Ananna

Emilia Eneva Nagy

Tara Grace

Alara Sage

Brooke Kekos

Katie Kozlowski

Zoe Davenport

Maya Zacharow

Host: Olya Shekinah

Yes! I am ready to receive my miracles!

Our experts will share:

Activations to Unlock Your Feminine Magick
- Chakra-Centered Goddess Activation by Emmi Mutale
- Sensual Woman Archetype by Anahita Joon

Womb and Yoni Wisdom
- Womb Cord Cutting Ritual by Trisha Croft
- Kundalini Dance - Sacred Inner Marriage Ceremony by Leyolah Antara

Red Tent and Dark Feminine Transmissions
- Your First Rite of Passage by Jacqueline Hyacinth
- 2 Free Chapters from the Women's Circle Ritual Handbook by Tanya Lynn

Ecstatic Woman in a Sacred Union
- How to Pick the Right Guy Checklist by Emilia Eneva Nagy
- Feminine Communication Ebook by Claudia Phillips

Embodiment and Ecstatic Flow
- Awakening Aliveness Ebook by Alara Sage
- Embodied Creation Meditation by Katie Kozlowski

Quantum Meditations
- Metamorphosis: A Sound Healing Meditation by Heather Regal Salmon
- Rapid Transformational Therapy Session by Brooke Kekos

Don’t miss this FREE inspirational event that will forever transform your life!

“The transmissions with Olya crystallize vision and generate miraculous results in a very short time, with me not having to do much. I merely integrate that area into my practice, and it automatically begins to alchemize the results and illuminate the pathways!” ~ Serena, Facilitator and Peacebuilder.

“My soul is dancing around! It's like a constant celebration with this feeling, all the time. For the first time in my life, I am feeling that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I have wanted this my whole life! Now I have 9 new projects already booked. I am still in awe of that. There is so much happiness and joy.” ~ Carlie, Business Owner.

“Olya is a money lady. If you want to take your business to the next level and earn more money doing what you love, if you want to build your business fast, I highly recommend working with Olya. Initially, I had some doubts about the possibility of such instant results; however, I chose to be open to the possibility, and the results are amazing.” ~ Olivia, Coach & Healer.

Meet our host:

Olya Shekinah, ACC, CPA, is a High Priestess, Shakti Transmissions Guide, and Certified Leadership & Embodiment Coach. Olya is passionate about helping women reconnect with their bodies and feminine essence, nurture depth and intimacy in their relationships, and receive their soul-aligned success and sacred wealth.

As part of her mission to share the Divine Feminine codes, Olya founded the Temple of Ecstasy and has been facilitating sisterhood circles worldwide. At the heart of her teachings lies the tantric healing arts, teaching women to activate the fullness of their power and cosmic magic by harnessing their own life force energy.

Before working with women, Olya spent a decade consulting for a range of corporate clients, including S&P 500 companies, wealth asset management funds, private equity firms, and technology startups. In her coaching practice, Olya seamlessly merges the realms of feminine mystery and business excellence, empowering women to receive phenomenal results in all areas of their lives.

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When you finally say YES to yourself,
the Universe will open doors to everything you desire...

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